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9/22/2008 08:58:00 AM

Charcoal 2 template edits

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Okay, so I downloaded and set up kranthi's Blogger template "Charcoal 2" on mine.
But it's missing the quick edit buttons at the ending of every post (that pencil icon quick edit icon that allows for quick editing of posts when you're logged in at Blogger), and also the three buttons for RSS, Technorati, and Delicious. I liked the three buttons that were present in the Charcoal version 1 template.

So I implemented them here. O.C. style.
5 hours. Hah!

(Actually I did some other simple formatting tweaks (like the Spanish embelishments :'p)... it's still missing a lot of things, but this has got to be enough for now. I've got other things to do!)

9/22/2008, 11:45 >Just finished adding another 5 hours or so of editing time. Oh, man. I should stop now. I'm stopping now. I really couldn't add functionality to the three beautiful buttons (for RSS, Technorati, Delicious). Ah, well. That's just what they'll only be. Beautiful-looking buttons. For now.

9/22/2008 05:39:00 AM

new blog design!

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

All right! I just finished editing my blog look and stuff.
I've fixed the bugs that have, well, bugged me (only a bit) in the last version of kranthi's Charcoal.
So this time, I tried out kranthi's Charcoal 2 template -- also ported from (*based on*) Jinson's Charcoal-2 theme for WordPress -- and found out that it was more "edit friendly", and it had 3 columns which was what I really wanted! (I only discovered it this morning).

Will tell more about it later. Damn, that was 5 hours
(But, hey, being a bit inexperienced with this sort of stuff I'm quite proud of myself. Uh-huh, uh-huh :'p)

Darn. I should have finished a project with that time instead. tsk, tsk, tsk.

9/21/2008 04:22:00 PM

Charcoal me blog

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

For now, I've settled with the blog template by kranthi titled Charcoal. Although it's missing some features that I couldn't figure out how to implement and that bug(?) in the position of the "TOP" hyperlink (which can be found on the lower right portion of every post), for me now it's got the best combination of functionality I'm looking for, great layout and subtle yet catchy visual elements, readability, among other things.

I've hunted for almost two days for a proper one for myself, and this just caught me.
Thanks, kranthi!
(I also have my eye on another design of yours. Whoa. Just realized you've got a fan here ='))

9/21/2008 03:54:00 AM

How do I look?

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Actually, I don't know.
I'm still experimenting with ShadouConn's look.
So here I go experimenting and researching on how my blog should look.
I'm deciding on whether to make it look great or so-so.

9/20/2008 07:08:00 AM

ShadouConn created

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Let's connect! ='D

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