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10/04/2008 09:30:00 AM

Photobucket sucks

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

That is now was how my wonderful blog looks looked.

Messed up, huh? Well, it's 'cos Photobucket is messed  up. I don't like their service. I have always been abhorred by how images linked to Photobucket always get broken or die.
I'm severing my connections to Photobucket. I won't even post a link of the site here.

Up yours!
[If you're wondering whether I've registered to Photobucket, no. Like I said, a lot of the dead linked images I've seen on the 'Net are mostly of Photobucket.]

*EDIT*10042008-1029H* All right! I've fixed it! I uploaded the photos to Imageshack and fixed the links in the blogger layout. Good as new. ='D


Anonymous said...

hehe before my graphics are hosted in Photobucket but late last year I removed them from that hell hole because every month they have this maintenance mode wherein my graphics would turn into a mini billboard ads for photobucket. Buti sana kung ilang oras lang pero ang worse nito ay inaabot ng araw.

hanap la ng iba. sa fileden maganda mag store. ako kasi sa sarili ko na blog ako naguupload eh

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Ugly "mini billboard ads for photobucket" exactly!

Thank you for that suggestion =') Gave me an idea about making an entry in my ShadouTech blog about image hosting services =')

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